All our rooms are equipped with twin/double beds, with reading lights, a writing table, and chairs, large luggage rack etc. The rooms are all with attached baths with hot and cold running water and showers! and a hot water bottle at night!

Dining and Public Areas

A large open dining cum common room serves as a dining area which seats 40. There is also a friendly open verandah to dine under the stars or to breakfast, in the soothing warm winter sun. One can browse through books in the library or just study the numerous information panels on the boards.

The Courtyard

Is an open area in the center of the Jungle Lodge surrounded by flowers and fluttering butterflies. One can relax in the winter sun, or get a tan or participate in a discussion on tiger sightings and conservation issues. It also provides an ideal set up for star gazing in the evening. .There are some traditional swings if one just wants to relax or read a book. And a great place to catch up for daily campfire evenings!

Gole Ghar

A circular sit out area towards the forest which becomes ideal, to enjoy breakfast, an evening snack or a private group discussion if one wishes. During the day it is also an ideal hideout for observing and photographing birds and animals like the Jungle cat, mongoose, Deer, Porcupine and wild boar that come on their schedule for the waterhole.

The Maidan

Most of the land is left wild with lush wild grass to attract and make our Jungle inhabitants comfortable. Our estate, is, however, interspersed with some fruit trees that do attract our Jungle neighbors and a variety of birds.

Worm Compositing

To make efficient and hygienic disposal of organic waste, we are using a process of decomposition by worms which is efficient, odorless and provides us with rich organic fertilizers for our organic farming on site.

Organic Farming

Much of our fresh vegetables come from organic farming at the Lodge. One can see a Variety of vegetables and fruits being cultivated. Guest are welcome to take a tour.

Medicinal Plant Garden

We have also on site a nursery of indigenous Medicinal/ Herbal Plant which is an astonishing insight on what secrets seemingly unimportant plants hold for our good health. There is a large variety of Plants and a tour with our naturalist makes it an interesting experience.

Sports and TV

The Jungle Lodge is equipped with facilities of volleyball and badminton and indoor games such as Chess. There are a Video and a library of Wildlife films. All of these are available on request.

Bird Watching

We organize Bird-watching excursions around the Jungle Lodge, during the day, for those energetic clients who are interested in learning more about our birdlife.


As the sun sets and a galaxy of stars covers the canopy, we begin our Star Gazing session. After a short introduction of Stars and constellations, an opportunity to see through our telescope the planets so close as never seen before by most guests. You will all enjoy the exhilarating experience!

Solar Energy

To increase our dependence on the direct energy sources we have tried to use the power of sun god to provide us the energy and help save the worlds natural environment.

Solar water heaters– Our Hot water system comes out of the two efficient solar water heaters which provide reliable and enough supply.

Solar cooking– Some part of the cooking for our Guests is done in two different types of Solar Cookers. This helps minimize energy use and also food cooked is healthy and tasty. Our guests can ask for cooking lessons for solar cooking.


Our resident Naturalist oversees most of our environment sensitive programs and conducts the jungle safaris to Bandhavgarh National Park, Birding excursion around our wild lands, village excursions, Astronomical session and discusses with you the days wrap up of the activities, observations and answer your questions. He is actively involved with the conservation activities sponsored by the Jungle Lodge through Tiger Trust.


Jungle Safaris are organized by 4 x 4 jeep vehicles, open from all sides to give you a panoramic unobstructed view of the landscape, to catch every bird or animal that may just sneak into the grass and to listen to the sounds of nature whether it be mating calls, alarm calls, distress call or just a casual roar. The Vehicles are extremely quiet and do not disturb the peaceful jungle environment and allows us to listen to Jungle sounds and photographs with a great amount of ease. There are two jungle excursions at Dawn and Dusk which are conducted. The jungle safari is accompanied by a forest guide and last for 3-4 hours each. During the jungle excursion, there is always a good chance to see many animals including rare animals such as Tiger, leopard sloth bear or a wolf.

The jungle sounds “alarm calls” of the Deer and Monkeys and occasionally the red jungle fowl, make the forest come alive as if we are sitting in a theater with the worlds best stereophonic sound equipment !!

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