Philanthropy: The Spirit of Giving

In Tigerland, Academy-award winning director Roff Kaufmann’s brilliant documentary, Amit Sankhala says: “You save the tiger, you save the forest; you save the forests, you save the water sources and all the biodiversity, and in the process, you save the human beings.”


This statement encapsulates the ethos, the philanthropic spirit of the Sankhala family that has been involved with aspects of wildlife conservation for decades. From empowering local communities, saving animal species to reaching out globally to stakeholders to talk about forest conservation challenges and measures, the Sankhala family continues its unwavering commitment and philanthropy.

Tiger Trust, which began its innings in 1989 under the aegis of Pradeep Sankhala continues to save the tiger by conducting legal capacity building programmes and awareness camps for the youth on a national and international platform. Through its longstanding ‘save the roar’ campaign, the message of tiger conservation reaches out through research-led symposiums, documentation work, lectures, and conferences.

The family’s association with Travel Operators For Tigers (TofTigers), a non-profit campaign set up in 2003 to protect tigers, wildlife, and wilderness through sustainable tourism, allows people to view how seriously the family takes the issues of wildlife and work towards sustainability of rural communities and the overall habitat even today.

In its latest initiative, the Sankhala family has worked closely with Snow Leopard Conservancy, established partnerships with villages, and successfully raised $45,000 in a unique model of tourism and philanthropic partnership.

Additionally, the integration of eco-tourism with philanthropy has been with was with a clear focus on providing employment to local communities to decrease their dependency on just farming and allow them to get exposure on other sources of employment, thereby sustaining themselves and their respective families.